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AllSubmitter – semi-automatic and completely automatic registration in any Internet information resources with 100% quality. Best-quality, quick, and completely controlled registration in all kinds of information resources available online (search engines, catalogs, ratings, classifieds, shareware sites, news resources, link exchange, and so on). Are you tired of working with the “regular” browser but still want to have quality registration or get the most of the automatic registration? If that’s the case, AllSubmitter will be your choice. AllSubmitter registers with all Web sites with no restrictions. The program will not skip a single Web site, combining the two registration modes. Semi-automatic registration: The quality of registration AllSubmitter provides is not lacking – it’s even greater than what you would get with the manual submission of your Web site data to the database. That is first of all because the program prevents the probability of the “human” error in the majority of cases. And the program, in its turn, does deal with “making decisions” in the areas where only humans can be competent. The program appears as a multiple-window, improved browser (based on the Internet Explorer), in which you are in complete control of the registration process, just like if you were doing the submission manually. Filling out of ALL fields (including the categories) is carried out with a single click of the mouse. Automatic registration: AllSubmitter also provides the automatic registration module with unique features, literally instant updates of databases, and removal of those of them that are not good for the automatic registration. Thus, all databases for the automatic registration will always be in a good, actual state. Make the registration of your Web site a pleasant rest instead of the annoying, permanent, additional part-time job. AllSubmitter will help you achieve that.

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