messagepopupii screenshot

MessagePopup II is a Rich featured instant LAN messanger (FreeWare) . 1.LAN Messanger 2. DIARY, Alarm 3. change Username 4. icon window 5. A file attachment ***This version 3.X is not compatible with previous version 2.X. Every users should reinstall. #Updated features 1. Most Images are changed for beautiful looking. (16 color-> 24bit color) 2. Can input your group name in setup. Then you can classify with group name in combox upper users list box. 3. Special chareaters table is added. but depend on your Windows Font (unicode or ansi code). Some in windows, they can be broken. 4. Emoticons Table is added. Maybe most people can understand what emoticons mean. 5. [number of users count] box is added. 6. All->Recipients button is added. 7. Help file is updated. It uses button images for your understanding easily 8. A lot of hidden bugs are killed.

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