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MultiExtractor – multimedia recovery/extract tool (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, AVI, DAT, ASF, MOV, XM, MOD, WAV, ICO, CUR).


-Quick data scan
-Directories extraction
-Scan at once
-Checking integrity of formats
-Extended naming of dumped files (retrieves original file name or creates file name with additional informations)
-Filtering of data to extract (file extensions, image width/height/depth, size of files)
-PE-Scan Engine (extraction of icons and bitmaps from exe-files)
-Detection of exepacked files (UPX, ASPack, ASProtect, FSG and many others)
-Multithread model (for optimize work beetwen system and application)
-ASM-Extract kernel (the kernel was written in win32 assembler x86)
-Optimized usage of processor (MMX instructions used to copy data).

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