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PalmaryCalc is a calculator with a user-friendly interface. It is all in one: from a simple calculator to a scientific, conversion functions (from cooking to astronomical), credit, base number conversions between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal; 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit integer math calculations and conversions; logical and bit-manipulation operations, currency conversion, or any other calculator configuration that you desire. The variety of input methods (including RPN) enables you to perform almost all operations you need. Features – User-friendly interface – Treo 600/650 support – Hi Res (320×320) support – 15-digit display – 35 basic math and trigonometric functions – Mortgage rate calculations – Tip calculations – Unit and currency converter – User adjustable currency list – User adjustable constants list – 3 different input methods (simple, algebraic, RPN) – 4 different modes display modes – RPN stack viewing – Accurate calculation: features up to 18 digits after the decimal point – Accurate result display: features up to 12 digits after the decimal point – Calculation range (1e-300, 1e300) – Memory capacity up to 10 independent values – 15 most common constants – Fully supported Palm clipboard – Graffiti and Palm portable keyboard support – Easy first-letter search through the lists

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