PSS Safe Subclass Control

A simple to use ActiveX Subclassing control for Visual Basic that is debug safe in the Visual Basic IDE. Subclassing is a powerful technique that allows you to modify the normal behaviour of the controls and forms in your application. Visual Basic makes some, but not all, of the message available through class methods and the event system. The trouble is that many of these hidden messages are actually very useful. WM_GETMINMAXINFO is an excellent example of a message that should have been exposed in the VB form object. WM_GETMINMAXINFO is a message sent to a window before its resized. It allows you to set the size restrictions that should be imposed by the operating system while the window is being resized. Using the Form_Resize to restrict the form size does not look as professional as the resize event does not fire until the window has been resized. There are thousands of these messages that allow you to carry out all sorts of subtle and unsubtle tricks, this control unlocks a new world of possibilities for the Visual Basic Developer.

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