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Data Doctor Unit Converter Calculator converts unit of length and area in other available units and calculates prices of properties in a second. Software helps realtor to transform unit of residential and commercial lands, plots, flats, houses, shops area and length. Calculator provides correct, precise and exact price of property of any selected unit. Tool converts the unit of length to and from chains(engineer), astronomical units, admiralty angstroms, miles, cubits(roman), (common), (greeks), geographical miles, fathoms, feet(US survey), irish miles, hands, leagues(US), (US land), (US sea), picas, links(engineer), pouces, roman feet(pedes), micrometers, mils, pieds de roi, nautical miles(international), (telegraph), (UK), (US), nanometers, points, thous, microns, roman miles(milia passuum), shackles(12.5 fathoms), (15 fathoms), scottish miles, furlongs and unciac(roman inches). Utility changes the unit of area to and from square feets, inches, chains, centimeters, kilometers, millimeter, poles, rods, links, meters, yards, townships, tatami(Jo), tsubo dunams, ping, roods, hectares, pyong, sections, acres, ares and perches for fast growing business and speed up property related dealings. Software supports unit conversion of very large size of area and computation of total cost for buying, selling and purchasing properties. Features: * Provides easy and fast user friendly graphical user interface GUI for area unit conversion. * Tool provides effective and well-organized calculation facilitates to speed up your property related dealings. * Software quickly converts all available units in other units. * Helps to grow your real estate sell purchase business. * Calculate fast and provide accurate price of property of any preferred units. * Calculator calculates price and converts unit on Windows 98, 2k, NT, ME, XP, 2k3 and Windows XP media center.

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