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Recipe Box Nutrient Calculator (RBNC) – Calculates nutrition values and cost of recipes & meals – Carb, Calories from Fat & Trans Fat stats – Calculations based on the USDA Nutrient Database – Over 7100 food & pre-packaged items available – 42 USDA nutrients plus Calories from Fat & Trans Fat – Add personal items and nutritional information – Compute per serving nutrients and cost – Excel export for easy printing and reporting – Combine recipes into meals – Calculate nutrient and cost for an entire meal – Clone recipes for nutritional comparison – Create the healthiest recipe by substituting ingredients – Import recipes from Recipe Box Legacy software Recipe Box Nutrient Calculator (RBNC) computes nutrient values and cost of recipes. Calculate Carbs, Calories from Fat and Trans Fat values for recipes and meals. RBNC utilizes the USDA Nutritional Database of 42 nutrients. Over 7100 food items and pre-packed foods are available to build a Pantry PickList. Add you own nutrient information for special food items or packaged and prepared foods. Use the Pantry PickList to build recipes. Enter amount and measure for each ingredient. RBNC computes the per serving nutrients and cost. Export the information to an Excel spreadsheet for ease of printing and reporting. Combine recipes into meals and calculate the nutrient and cost information for an entire meal. Clone recipes to substitute ingredients and compare nutritional makeup. Create the healthiest recipe by substituting various ingredients such as beef, chicken, turkey or tuna in a casserole. Import recipes from Recipe Box Legacy v6.4 or newer

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