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SafenSec – Real-time Proactive Computer Protection against viruses, spyware, vulnerabilities. – Protection against new threats and vulnerabilities – Protection of your system from external attacks and unauthorized access – Identifying the sources of new threats – Detection and elimination of known threats – Maximum protection and minimum load Current protection solutions (antivirus software and personal firewalls) are extremely effective at combating known threats and vulnerabilities. Antivirus applications protect users only against known viruses. Personal firewalls help prevent intruders from gaining access to personal computers. These solutions are based on reactive technologies that perform actions only in response to malicious activities toward your data. A combination of both solutions provides protection against known malware and attacks. Only since December 7-th till January 17-th StarForce becomes your personal Santa Claus! Participating in our Christmas sale of electronic licenses of Safe’n’Sec software you get the whole bunch of holiday rebates!

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