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Includes…Logon Security.Automatic backup after each session.Clickable Web Page designer screens with Automatic Browser Preview. Insertable Titles, Headings and Text.Webmatex MediaPicker for viewing and selecting multiple media types from one screen! Integrated Media Library Folder System with GIF,JPG,WAV,AVI,MOOV.WYSIWYG. Sound , Animated GIFs and Video.WebmateX ColorPicker with click select Background, Links, Font and Table color.Variable Text with Size, Colour, Fonts.Web Page Navigation Controls. Automatic prevue of Logos, Banners, Images, Rulers, and Controls.Millions of style combinations.Automatic Generation of Code, Hyperlinks, Web Site and Server Root. And more! Apply Page Styles to multiple pages. Fast Loading Pages. Script /CGI Shopping Cart Interface.Automatic MetaTag Generation of all products so they and your site can be found by Web Search Engines! Generated Code supports Java/VBScript/Perl etc.Up to 3200 insertable characters of HTML and Script or CGI can be coded directly into each page if desired!WAV sound.COMPLETLY Netscape5/IE5 and FIREFOX compatible (Windows Media Player must be installed for Netscape video).And of course…Easy and short learning curve – probably 10 minutes to generate a few pages!Stunning professional pages and effects.Fast Response – previews and generates entire server root directory with pages, links and media in seconds. The intuitive WebmateX interface provides the fastest and most cost effective Web Design and Management Tool on the market! Supported Products – WebmateX Shopping Cart – installs to your hard drive, generates all required code, initiates F.T.P. session to install files to correct folder. Done!WebmateX Egold Payments – Takeonline payments discretly and securely – installs to your hard drive and accepts your Egold account details and then generates all required code, initiates F.T.P. session to install files to your root folder. Done!Just Click!

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