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Surf anonymously. Popup-blocker for the Internet Explorer. No more advertising windows during surfing. Destroy Surfing Traces. With an outstandig Javascript ad-filter for all browsers (IE, Opera,Netscape and Mozilla)! Blocking of annoying Flash-animations. Daily check for the most common viruses and worms! Deletion of lists of last accessed files. Deletion of temporary files. The system cleansing now also cleans the system weekly from unnecessary garbage files. Secure deletion through file encoding before deletion. Automatic system cleansing at booting the system or user change. Deletion of the history of the Internet Explorer. Deletes the last search item entered in the Google toolbar. Deletion of the url-list of the Internet Explorer. Deletion of the list of files last opened with the Media Player. Deletion of the list of files last opened with the Real Player. Deletion of the list of files last loaded with the GetRight. Deletion of the list of files last opened with MS Office. Deletion of the search list in KaZaa. Cookies will be deleted completly with the system cleanup. Deletion of offline cache of Windows XP-system recovery. Cleanup of the protected index-files of the Internet Explorers (index.dat). Anonymous Email. Blocking advertising! Over 24.000 advertising servers will be blocked. That saves time and online expenses. Way beyond 24.000 servers such as DoubleClick, to name just the most prominent, will be blocked. The browser no longer loads advertising banners, Flash-animations etc. from these servers. As the big and active advertising servers are well known, they can be blocked effectively. That saves time and online expenses. Integration of XP AntiSpy. Data Encryption with 256-bit AES Encoding. Bosskey. Secure favourites. Password- and PIN-Safe with Auto-Login. Works with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera.

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